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Whaling Returns to Southampton

Originally hailing from the West, Randy Kolhoff, Sag Harbor artist, has often used wildlife as his subject matter in paintings and sketches. Moving to Long Island in 2000, Randy Kolhoff found new inspiration in the sea and the rich history of this New England town.“As of late, I have branched out into wood carving,” explains Randy. “I am in the antique business; this brings me in contact with lots of superb examples of original folk art in which I have taken an interest. I have spent the last decade honing my expertise in the furniture business. I have studied, designed and have overseen the manufacturing of full lines of reproduction antique furniture. Through this experience, I have learned a great deal about the skill of wood working as well as the art of faux painting and finishing.“This whale series is a culmination of a true love for wildlife and the outdoors, a passion for anything and everything old, and an appreciation of local Hampton history.The first whale in the series was created in October of 2006. I worked over the winter and completed a total of 12 whales, 10 of which have sold. Every whale is carved, painted, and finished by hand. Each whale takes anywhere from 70 to 90 hours to complete.” The finished whale shows the time and detail involved in the production.The smallest of these whales measures three feet in length, the largest over 6 feet long, and 37 inches wide. Randy claims, “After all, they are whales and should be large.”Randy uses old wood whenever possible, he scours the Southampton beaches after storms for drift wood planks, which he dries and then carves into whales. The finishing process is a lengthy one but the result is a piece of folk art that looks over one hundred years old.e created only whale species that have historical significance to the Hamptons. All of my whales can be found in local waters with the exception of the Bowhead whale. Although, Sag Harbor whaling ships were the first whaling vessels to challenge the arctic northern waters and bring these mammoth whales back to Sag Harbor to sell on the open market,” explains Randy.Each piece is an original work; no two whales are carved the same or painted similar. Custom whales are available in any species, in any size. Each whale is numbered in the series.Please don’t hesitate to contact Black Swan Antiques of Bridgehampton, NY, the exclusive gallery showcasing these spectacular works of art.